Good Friday 2017 – The Commemoration of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion and Death for Our Sins

Good Friday 2017 is going to fall on the 14th of April this year. It is observed on the Friday before the Easter Sunday. Christians believe that Christ was betrayed and sentenced to death on this dreadful day. Therefore, the day is commemorated with a lot of sorrow and sadness along with prayers and repentance on how our lord had to bear all that pain on our account.

Good Friday 2017 – Reminiscing Jesus Christ Crucifixion

Every Christian in the world agrees the Good Friday to be the most important yet the most sorrowful, most glum day in the history of their religion! Like me, most of us question on why calling it a “good” day when all the day stands for is pain and suffering of Christ! But elders put it as a “Holy” day since it is about remembering the Lord’s passion, his suffering, and eventually his sad demise death on the cross. Most believers indulge themselves in keeping fasts and praying all day in addition to repent and also meditate of all the pain he felt while up on that cross.

To better feel this, one must know more about what is crucifixion.

Crucifixion Defined:

Crucifixion is a word from the old Latin language that has the similar words as “crucifixion,” or “crucifixes,” which means being fixed to a cross.

Even in the barbaric ancient world Crucifixion was contemplated as the most dreadful form of executing someone, not mention it being certainly the most disgracing and the most painful among all other forms of death.

Once a victim was sentenced to be crucified, he was nailed to a life sized cross – his hands and feet being bound to the cross by giant nails hammered in to his flesh.

As taught by the holy Christian theology the death of the Christ was the most perfect restitution of immolation for all the sins of people. This has presented the cross or the crucifix with the most important and a significant place in the Christian faith and Symbolism.