How To Make Your Immune System Work For You

How To Make Your Immune System Work For You

Your immune system is an intricate network of cells, organs, and tissues that remarkably defend you against invaders (microorganism) causing different diseases in your body. It could be said that our immune system is like computer antivirus, firewall, and related security measures to keep the computer system safe and virus free.

Mary Anne Dunkin of WebMDsaid, “the immune system produces white blood cells, proteins, and other chemicals that attack and destroy invaders by finding the antigen to get rid of it before it can reproduce and becomes more powerful.” She added that “the immune system recognizes millions of different antigens and can produce the needed antibody to eradicate microorganism.”

Sadly, this immune system can sometimes become weak and unable to protect us, therefore allowing germs to successfully invade and makes you sick. But a study by Harvard Health Publications articulates that “it is possible to boost and reinforce the immune system through a healthy lifestyle.”

Therefore, the under listed are things to do to make your immune system work for you, even more effectively.

Eat a healthy diet:

Like any fighting force, the immune system needs constants ammunitions to defend and fight. Therefore, regular nourishment through micronutrients like zinc, iron, copper, folic acid, and the combination of vitamins could boost the effectiveness of the immune system. This is because proper nutrition is highly essential to healthy living apart from boosting the immune system.

A diet with empty calories, for instance, can leave you more prone to infections. It also leads to overweight, which is associated with a number of health problems, and gradually dragging your immune system down. Therefore, having a healthy diet and go for mushrooms, almonds, fish, healthy fats, and related dietary.

Hydrate and detoxing the body:

Hydration is an important treatment that your body constantly required. It doesn’t matter whether it’s late at night, your body cells, organs, and tissues require water to function properly and you should not hesitate to comply.

You can also add lemon, lime, and other healthy extracts. They are very effective when it comes to detoxing the body against toxic chemicals or have a detox program such as: resting the body organs through fasting, stimulating the liver against toxins, and refueling the body with healthy liquid full of nutrients.

Have a healthy workout plan:

Regular exercise helps your immune system to produce more of blood cells that prevent and attack bacterial invaders. It is also good to keep you in good shape and healthy weight.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep is the process of healing where the body recovers and renews the lost strength, energy, and resets the body system. Scott Berliner, supervising pharmacist and president at Life Science Pharmacy, New York, says “healing is compromised when we do not get enough sleep or reach the deeper stages of sleep.”

And according to Polsky, “a good sleep of at least seven hours a night could increase resistance to infectious diseases and improves immunity.” Therefore, get a planned schedule to have a sound sleep for the effective functioning of the body and adequate immune system.

Control/stop the consumption of alcohol:

Drinking a small quantity of alcohol in moderation has some health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease. But consumption of more alcohol poses extreme risk to your physical and mental health. Excess alcohol in the body can alter the function of white blood cells and leaves your body vulnerable to infections.

Encourage the intake of herbs and other supplements:

Taking herbal preparations, multivitamin, and mineral supplement on a daily basis brings health benefits which can also be derived from vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and other healthy dietary. Actually, most of the supplements could be sourced through greens and root extracts which may not be medically healthy but will work just fine.

Avoid/manage stressful situations:

A stressful situation could break your entire system down if not managed or avoided. According to a publication by Science Museum, “stress affects both the physical and mental health of the body and leaves the body vulnerable to unhealthy risks”


Having a healthy lifestyle that is free of disease, stress, and complications is the dream of every individual just like you, and you should do everything possible to make it a reality. Therefore, to avoid intake of added sugar, smoking, and exposing yourself to infections… stay healthy and embrace a better living.